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Jack is requesting

Simbi Grants - Local Services


100 simbi for fulfilling my request - Virtual OK - Posted Sep 21

Imagine if you could supplement part of your groceries with Simbi. So many more people would have an immediate use for Simbi and would value the currency more.
If you can show how your service can meet the needs of a lot of people, show your plan to make it trustworthy and high quality, you get my Simbi grant! It doesn't have to be big or time consuming, just rock solid in pitch.

Service Examples:
- Food & drink; fresh or nonperishable (e.g. meal shakes)
- Toiletries, supplements, health & beauty products
- Clothes, shoes; used or new; thrift store
- Auto repair; bike repair; parts & tools for rent (tools for rent is huge! Great opportunity here)
- Transportation (driving)
- Couchsurfing, WOOFING, & travel host (showing people new places as a local. Great for barter.)
- Home care, PCA for disabled, elderly, and people in need of support
- Housekeeping, babysitting, pet-sitting and walking; family assistance

Small Grant: 50 Simbi; for beginners with good ideas beginning a service.
Mid Grant: 100 Simbi; for service providers that have had at least 3 positive reviews and are continuing that service.

SUPPORT THE SIMBI GRANT: Message me for donations. I currently take 5% or 2 Simbi from all donations for the cost of running the service.

Reviews of Jack

Naveh provided Help with Share My Projects Online! for Jack
Oct 24, 2016
No complaints!
Sidni received Unit of Search Engine Optimized Writing from Jack
Oct 13, 2016
My experience with Jack was so great, I decided to tip him!
Robert received Help with Simbi Sponsorship from Jack
Oct 03, 2016
Thank you Jack!
Robert received Help with Simbi Sponsorship from Jack
Oct 03, 2016
Jack wants to improve simbi, and that's amazing. I'm glad that there are people like him that want to make the world a better place!
Malika provided Help with Simbi Grants - Local Services for Jack
Oct 02, 2016
Jack made a generous offer to help the entire Simbi community connect to vital services like food! He clearly sees that the more of these services tha...t are met with Simbi the bigger the impact in people's lives this community will bee. Thanks for the encouragement, Jack 😊show more
Sidni received Help with SEO assistance for YouTube from Jack
Sep 30, 2016
Awesome ! Jack is out of the park. He truly put his heart into the service he provided. The "science" behind SEO is like Chinese to me but he explain...ed things so I could understand how to use it. I am so glad that Jack is a Simbi brother. show more
Robert received Help with Empathizing with Trolls from Jack
Sep 23, 2016
Jack is an empathetic, thoughtful guy. Thank you!
Jeff provided Unit of Bike repair and bike fitting for Jack
Sep 22, 2016
Very easy to work with and appreciative of the services. Good for the Simbi community.
Jeff provided Unit of Bike repair and bike fitting for Jack
Sep 21, 2016
Fast response time. Reasonable to work with.
Michaela provided Help with Simbi Grants - Local Services for Jack
Sep 21, 2016
I was excited about the prompt to think creatively about using Simbi to connect with people locally, to stretch out of the comfort zone of remote/virt...ual connections. It helped me think about more things I can offer and request to connect in more


Ryan F. wrote a recommendation for Jack Wahlquist
Aug 04, 2016

Jack is a gentleman and a scholar. No matter what you need him for, he will approach it with a can-do problem solving attitude, professionally, and generously. I've done a few deals with him and I am always pleased to see Jack's name come up. Whether you need music (right brained creativity) or publication work (left brained creativity), Jack will get it done.

Tyn Samuel wrote a recommendation for Jack Wahlquist
Aug 04, 2016

Jack is good people. In my dealings with him, he was gracious, creative, and he seems to have what I would consider a good ambitious game plan for where he wants to go. It's unusual to meet someone so young, who has his head on this straight. He understands his economics, he understands his political theory. And he's building a foundation that is both useful, and absolutely awesome in scope. I'm vicariously excited for him. I can't wait to see how he brings this whole thing together.

Leslee Ann Petersen wrote a recommendation for Jack Wahlquist
Aug 04, 2016

Jack is a friendly and driven individual. He has a strong focus on autonomy and ethics. When he commits to a project he follows through! He is very enjoyable to work with.

Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

Jack's requests

Jack is requesting
Share My Projects Online!
5 Simbi for sharing a link or reference on any major social media site. 10 Simbi for a share with a comment review (authenticity is better than false positivity). 50 Simbi for broadcast, share, or publicity on famous or major platform. Pitch your idea ahead of time and show why your platform would boost visibility significantly. I have a few different things that can be shared. One, a free visual guide for youth independence (suggested donation $1) : I also have music online. My music is game-like new age and classical. I use a computer program for most of it besides the occasional live recording. Synthesis is the older album; Autocreations is the more recent album. If you played one right after the other, all songs are chronological based on when I composed them and can show the evolution of my skill. SoundCloud has a few random one-offs too (piano recordings, singles). Youtube: SoundCloud:

I want Simbi to be worth more as a currency and intend to foster that. However, I have a serious computer addiction so you might not see me for a while.

About Jack Wahlquist

I'm interested in nonviolent skill sets and solutions, versed in conflict resolution and nonviolent communication. I'm an avid writer, classical and new age composer, and musician. My services here wi...ll range from graphic design to writing and audio/music offers. The link is to my personal SoundCloud, where I upload computer-generated classical and new age music, as well as the occasional recorded solo. show more

Open to other proposals
Jack Wahlquist is looking for:
  • IT/Support
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Consulting
  • Video & AV
  • Consulting & Coaching
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Health Care
  • Photography
  • Music & Audio