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Herbal Medicine Consultations


40 simbi per session - Virtual OK

Empowering terrains through herbalism and radical self-care!

Terrain: a concept that honors the complexity of the relationship (bidirectional interactions) between our internal and external environments.

Radical self-care: the choice and action of honoring one’s needs, cultivating self-compassion, and owning one’s authentic awesomeness; compassion, understanding and support towards others/the environment are strengthened through this way of being.

As an herbalist, and radical self-care enthusiast, I am passionate about helping people feel more connected to themselves and their environments. Holistic health resonates with my inner knowing- life is a collaboration of connections!

Herbalism makes sense: humans have evolved with plants!

I am grateful that humans have evolved with plants; in using plants as medicine, they provide our internal terrain with support from and connection to our external terrain. Like each person, each plant is unique; plants can be matched and formulated to an individual’s unique needs.

I am fascinated with the miraculous complexity of the human body, and seek to work with the body’s innate intelligence. I am passionate about cultivating curiosity, and helping people explore the connections and messages behind their body’s signs/symptoms.

Some of my focuses include: women’s health, body image/body love support, functional nutrition goodness, gut/brain connection (mood and digestive health), goal mapping, and self-empowerment cultivation.

I also love working with emotions and how they present in the body.

Why would you work with an herbalist?

You are looking for more of a holistic approach to your health and lifestyle.
You feel like some guidance in your wellness journey would be supportive.
You want to explore the bi-directional relationship of how your health/wellbeing is related to the world around you.
You feel stuck in life/your current state of health.
You know that you can feel better than you currently do.
You feel overwhelmed.
You are frustrated with conventional medicine.
You have a lot of passion in life, and aren’t quite sure where to channel it.
You want to experience a deeper sense of connection.
You would like to gain self-confidence, self-compassion, and live a courageous life.
If you feel a visceral YES to any of the above statements, I would love to collaborate in crafting your wellness plan today!

You will receive: professional partnership and accountability, individualized lifestyle and botanical recommendations, and personal development support.

Work with me today!
Initial consults are $40 for 2 hrs and Follow-up consults are $25 for 1 hr. I look forward to collaborating in the spirits of empowering terrains!

For more information check out my website:
Please feel free to contact me:

Training & Qualifications

Hi! I’m Erin.

I’m an herbalist and fan of radical self-care! Dedicated to living in the MAGIC ZONE– a state of being where one embraces the adventure of this life journey through courage, curiosity, and commitment- I’m obsessed with plants and empowering practices! I am passionate about seeking connections, and working with the body’s innate intelligence. I believe in cultivating life supporting connections and work with people who want to feel more connected with themselves ( their internal terrain), and their environments (external terrain). I believe that through making life-supporting choices, moment to moment, and opening our perceptions we are able to live from a place of power.

In my work I honor the wisdom and experiences of the individual and create wellness plans that connect mind/body/spirit (the whole terrain!). I want to support you on your journey of self-love, discovery and adventure– through lifestyle practice techniques, functional nutrition goodness, and botanical recommendations that are unique to you! Let’s cultivate empowering terrains together!

I am currently a student at Hawthorn Clinic in Ashland, OR, where I see clients on Tues and Thurs afternoons. The clinic is open from 4 pm- 8pm; during those days and times I am available to see clients in person or online.

Availability & Preferences

Tues and Thurs from 4 pm- 8 pm

Trading Preference: I prefer being paid in simbi


Sean Foust wrote a recommendation for Hibiscus Frescapa
Aug 07, 2016

Erin is a dedicated herbalist with a bright shine of kind openness! I haven't received a session from her but I worked alongside her 3 years ago at an internship with Herb Pharm, and since then she has been strongly pursuing her clinical path. Highly recommended!

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