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Heart-shaped leaf


10 simbi for this piece

Found a bunch of heart leaves on an adventure. These were all collected fresh and will be flattened as they dry for best look.

The reason these are 10 simbi is because the detail I have to take in drying and especially shipping these to arrive in one piece as leaves are very fragile.

I do not know what type of tree these are from, as there was no tree in the area that had similar leaves, so I couldn't identify.

Order as many as you want until they're gone!

Processing time

I will ship this piece to you within 3-5 business days

Reviews of Danielle

Justin provided unit of Small Pastel Animal Artwork for Danielle
Aug 17, 2017
Danielle was very patient and knew exactly what she wanted.
Brooke provided Help with Send me a surprise for Danielle
Aug 06, 2017
Amanda received Help with Send me a Rock from Danielle
Aug 04, 2017
i fell out of contact with simbi on this one. But Danielle kept up her end of the deal :)
Leigh provided Help with Send me a picture of your pet for Danielle
Aug 03, 2017
love my fur babies and so glad I got to share them with her
Ash bought Honeydew Seeds from Danielle
Jul 31, 2017
Fast shipping, good price :)
Kaya Man
Kaya bought Great Northern Bean - easy to grow! from Danielle
Jul 26, 2017
Received in good order!
Jax received unit of Listen to your favorite song from Danielle
Jul 26, 2017
Great job fast service! Thanks Danielle!
Kacie provided Help with Send me a picture of your pet for Danielle
Jul 23, 2017
I forgot to write a review about how friendly and fun Danielle is! I had a very great experience working with her and I wish her all the best!
Tatianna received unit of Listen to your favorite song from Danielle
Jul 21, 2017
I look forward to working with you! Sorry I'm taking so long
Briar received session of Find something in Missouri nature from Danielle
Jul 18, 2017
Danielle has great communication and pretty leaves


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About Danielle Epperson

Fallen very ill. I can not complete any deals that require shipping or leaving the house. I can offer simbi as I have quite a bit stockpiled. I'm still looking to have my requests filled. Sorry for an...y inconvenience - if I made a past deal with you I will complete it as I am able. Zoology and Botany enthusiast. Experienced with many types of animals care and training. I love all species and love pets of any type! I spend a lot of time taking care of my plants and acquiring new ones. I'll do just about anything to expand my collection. I love nature, I enjoy catching animals (and releasing them), getting cuttings or seeds of plants, collecting rocks, sticks, bones, anything I can find. Every time I leave, I come home with a full backpack. One day I would like to own a farm with woods, a creek and pond, lots of animals, and of course a collection of plants. There is no animal that I would not like to own, with the exception of highly poisonous/venomous creatures. On a final note, if you've read this far, I LOVE getting things in the mail. If you have a product you can offer via physical mail, I'd love to work out a deal with you! Other things I'm looking for are art, ALWAYS looking for art and I'll make a trade for just about anyone. I also like custom crafts that I can help design. Also take a look at my requests, there's usually something I'm searching for. Don't be shy, make me an offer! I love trading and have a lot to offer! And please please PLEASE do not make me an offer without keeping me updated. I'd like to hear from you at least every three days if you're actively working on something. Tell me when it's in the mail. Don't make a deal and leave me to wonder if you're even working on it! These kind of deals get canceled or a poor review. Unless otherwise stated, please keep me updated on our deal. My expactations and how I rate you and your services: Friendliness: This one is easy to get five stars. Just be polite and use manners. If you say something rude or offensive, you get 3 star max. Reliability: If you complete your deal on time, then it's a simple 5 star. If you're going to be late, please explain to me why and I'll still give 5 star. If we discuss a deal and you stop replying, cancel the deal without reason, or never reply to my initial message, it's 1 star automatically. Service Quality: This is based off of two factors. One, is your service as good as you claimed it to be? Did you put in 100% effort? Is it what we discussed prior to making the deal? Then yes, that will be 5 star. However, this will lower significantly if you go a week without informing me with an update. This could bring you all the way down to 3 star even if you service is perfect. I rate everyone, deal completed, made or not, using this system. If you try to complete a deal without proof of completion (tracking number, photos, etc), I will let it time out and allow 1-2 weeks for it to arrive in the mail. Please do not ask me to confirm completion til I have the product in hand. IF there is failure on your part to show reasonable proof within a time frame, you will be reported to an admin to have simbis refunded. Please note that I also do not ship in trades until proof of completion has been acknowldged. Please keep me updated. I will update you whenever change has been made in the status of your item. I will update you at any time upon request also. Mutual respect more

Open to other proposals
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