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Integrated WordPress Bundle


295 per package - Virtual OK

Now that the majority of the Gutenberg hurdle has been passed, WordPress has reached version 5.1.1 and more experienced has been gained developing *outside* of WordPress and then porting that fresh uncoupled code back *into* WordPress (meaning that it is mostly independent of the WordPress API and so is less prone to break if WordPress changes in unexpected ways), the developer has realized there are two aspects to creating a site that could be broken out, thereby make creating a new site more dependable. They are the structural elements and then the design and content elements.

It may be better if these are treated as distinct jobs, in much the same way as the person placing the forms and then having the concrete poured for the foundation of the house is different from the person installing the drywall. Technically, they could be the same person, but they usually aren't in the real world of house building. If that happened, then it may be possible to install the structural elements of a site in an afternoon, and then leave the design to someone else.

With this division of labour, it might be even possible to GUARANTEE that the site will perform well on page speed scores and pagel load times, be fully recoverable in case of a site meltdown, and be secure against most hacking attempts, WITHOUT the need for more expensive long term managed WordPress hosting solutions. The key to making this work is that a fully experienced developer makes the call on which plugins to install and how to install them, in much the same way as a licensed eletrician is required to make the final hookups to the breaker panel. THEN, the changes are LOCKED into place, so that no further updates are allowed, either to the core, or plugins, or any other structural component . With this in place and no rolling changes allowed, it might just be possible to stop the never ending cascade of updates, where if one changes, all the others have to change as well.

This may not work in a stock install where the WordPress core is placed in the root directory of a site, but it may just work if the WordPress core is placed in a subdirectory, the plugins and themes are placed in a subdirectory as its peer and the media directory is also placed in a peer subdirectory (beside it in the root). When this is the case, then all of the PHP files in the core and in the plugins and themes directory can revieve an extra layer of protection that would not have been possible before, when the PHP and CSS and JavaScript files were all directly beside each other.

What this means is that the design involves structural details that are decided upon, carefully installed by an experienced developer, then LOCKED into place and secured, as if a breaker panel cover were closed over the breaker panel and latched into place. The WordPress user may then add content to their hearts content, but may NOT make any structural changes. This might actually be the difference that makes the difference.

Service Summary

An integrated WordPress Bundle will be installed that includes Backup, Security, Optimization and Caching features. This integrated approach helps ensure all of the important components are included, and work well together. An emphasis on page speed scores and load times has resulted in page load times of under one second and page speed scores on GTMetrix of 100%/97%. It should be possible to get consistent page load times at about 1.5 seconds or better on a site, provided that the page is not too image heavy.

This is for new sites only and requires developer approval on all plugins added. Once these plugins are added and the installation is complete, it is locked in and no further changes are allowed. Although this approach is less flexible than adding plugins on the fly, it may actually result in a site that doesn't get hacked, is fast, and therefore results in a much better viewing experience for the reader. A developer may check in every six months or so if needed. This will include no automatic core updates. This is counterintuitive, but is based on a different directory structure which prevents direct attacks against the core. Since a theme can add an unlimited amount of PHP code without restrictions, these restriction on changes and locking in the structural elements will have to be extended to the theme and any accompanying frameworks as well.

While it may be impossible to guarantee 100% solidity, once working, PHP should continue working indefinitely, provided there are no changes. This approach may help make that possible.

The installation will be handled by an experienced developer.

Training & Qualifications

I am an experienced WordPress developer who launched his first WordPress website in 2011.

Specialized training includes three months of study as a programmer in a private college and individual courses in PHP and HTML at a community college. This is in addition to an undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, which included two computer courses (one in Fortran), matrix algebra, statistics and training in how to set up and conduct experiments.

Professional work experience includes about two years in total at Statistics Canada running tables for them using a program called TPL (Table Programming Language).

Further work experience included designing and programming production management software from scratch using Visual Basic and Microsoft Access '97. This was used to monitor production on a swine genetics operation.

Finally, I have developed a complete set of plugins for WordPress, which help to make it faster and more secure.

Availability & Preferences

Wednesdays and Thursdays, by appointment, during normal business hours.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Clarence

Maria received package of Integrated WordPress Bundle from Clarence
Aug 01, 2019
Thank you Clarence!
Maria received hour of Spin up New, Faster WordPress Site from Clarence
Jun 25, 2019
I am getting great help from Clarence, and I am very grateful!
Maria received hour of Spin up New, Faster WordPress Site from Clarence
Jun 20, 2019
Great service, thank you Clarence!
Melanie received session of Long Term Sustainable Community from Clarence
Feb 06, 2019
Very bright, organized, thoughtful :) I look forward to future interactions!
Amy received Help with Advice for working with collective from Clarence
Dec 21, 2018
Clarence provided a well thought out response to my inquiry! I appreciate his careful thoughtfulness.
Dan provided session of Ask an Architect for Clarence
Oct 26, 2018
Clarence is a thoughtful, well educated and experienced person. He's been an understanding client so far, building a report, which will carry over as... we continue our relationship as I help him plan an ecovillage. show more
Jenn provided unit of Voice Over - Professional Materials for Clarence
May 27, 2018
Clarence has a fun approach and was great to work with on this project. He was timely and available to discuss considerations. Looking forward to more of his work!show more
Alira Alomien provided package of 1 Annunaki Question Answered for Clarence
Apr 22, 2018
Always a pleasure to work with Clarence.
Lynette provided Help with Advice for Promotional Materials for Clarence
Mar 18, 2018
Clarence is so easy to work with. Very Decisive. I am here for you.
Ariel provided unit of Ask a biologist for Clarence
Mar 15, 2018
I had a fun time researching Clarence’s question about genetics and discussing what I found. He was very friendly and responsive.


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About Clarence Bos

Programmer, Community Designer Summary: Eight years of programming experience is being put into a sustainable community model for 144 people on 160 acres, with food, water and energy being produce...d on site, resulting in a net positive output. Interests: Just as in university, when five courses are taken each semester, each of us likely has a variety of interests that we engage in on a regular basis, if we are able to. Mine are programming, carpentry, hiking, sustainability and origins. I enjoy starting my day programming. This is when I find my mind is the freshest and able to handle the arcane details that are a part of writing code. This may include HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, PHP and JavaScript. I also spent a year with TPL (Table Programming Language), working for Statistics Canada. Later I picked up some Visual Basic and later still some C#. Finally, I learned the languages mentioned above and how they are integrated into WordPress. I have also spent some time with Joomla!. Second, when the weather gets warmer and when I can, I will get involved in projects requiring building, maintaining or fixing. That is a pleasant diversion from all the time spent behind the keyboard. It is also healthier to engage in various physical activities as it helps to prevent repetitive strain injury. Most of this is just a continuation of my time spent growing up on the farm. Third, if I can't get out in a farm environment, then I enjoy going for long walks, anywhere where there are few people and lot's of nature. Perhaps that is what brought me to the Peterborough area, where there is enough city to find micro SD cards, but plenty of country once one gets a fifteen or twenty minute walk outside of it. I also enjoy taking photographs and always have a small camera with me when I go out. Fourth, I am currently working on drawing this background together into developing a model for a sustainable community geared to Ontario, Canada. The essence of this design are 36 dwellings on 160 acres that is off grid capable, obtaining its food, water and energy onsite. The professions, skills and trades of it's occupants are also being mapped out. In this way, the needs of the one can be met by the skills of the other. The plan is to have a net positive outflow of products, services and knowledge, so that this community can help to benefit those around it. Fifth and last, I have been interested in our origins; how we got here and why. When I started my professional career, I thought I knew what I needed and had prepared to go out and tell others this. I wasn't so certain, however, when a student naively asked a question about Darwin's theory of evolution. It made a lot of sense, especially the part about bird's beaks. This prompted me to find out more. That "more" has taken over twenty years and has culminated in what I am doing now. Practically, as this relates the the Simbi platform, this means I am making myself available to meet the needs of others through: <h4>Website Consultation</h4> Page Speed, Page Load Times, Optimization, Backup and Security. I have developed a "backup generator" for WordPress that allows for a fallback if WordPress ceases to function for whatever reason. In addition, by placing cached files only one level down, it may be possible for your site to continue to function, even if WordPress (or another platform) is removed entirely. Contact for details. <h4>Carpentry, Landscape Work, Organization and Cleanup</h4> This is usually better done with someone else, although this work can be done alone. Working with someone else is just less physically tiring, as there is someone to chat with, troubleshoot and help get that tool you need when you need it. <h4>Sustainable Community Design</h4> My work right now (2019) is at the stage where I feel comfortable looking for people in the six to eight sectors defined so far (trades, arts and music, gardening and personal care, monitoring, analysis and reporting, academic and applied) to approach them to determine how the model developed so far might benefit them. This might mean trading work improving their web site for products, services or training they are offering in a 50/50 blend (see below). <h4>Discussion of Origins</h4> How we got here, why and how knowledge of that can help our life today. Evidence of ancient technologies shows we were not the first to develop to an advanced state. Indeed, precise rock cuts and 1,100 tonne rocks show the ancient technology was much advanced to ours! Knowing what happened back then can help guide us in how to proceed today. Here is a playlist of nine videos that captures my own journey through this topic: Ancient Archaeology to Modern Knowledge ( <h4>Transitioning</h4> Realistically--in order to perform work in an environment that requires the use of the local currency in order to function--the person or group performing the service need to have enough of that currency to do what they need to do. Without that--however noble their intentions--they eventually will cease being able to do anything at all and then have to rely completely on others for their support. With that in mind, I am trialing a blended method. The initial ratio will be 50/50 for simplicity, for anything over one hour of work. The price for an hour of work in simbi and in the local currency in which I function (using the Canadian dollar) will be the same. It is being set at 50 simbi or $50 per hour. I have the feeling that it will require more like a 1/3:2/3 ratio (simbi:dollar), but 50/50 will make it easier to start. ========== Due to the fact that many sites (including this one) allow almost anyone to create an online profile, discretion is exercised before accepting a request for work or offering a service. Indicators used to determine credibility: Decent profile photo with only one person in the image; real name used; link to personal website showing original work. While this may not always be possible, prefer working with people in the same time zone. show more

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