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133 pages. Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese. Available in Kindle, eBook, paperback

Upon entering the age of materialism―around 5000 years ago― knowledge about the anatomy of the soul became a part of various esoteric traditions. It was therefore kept private among a few initiates.

In the Himalayas, it was knowledge passed down orally, from master to disciple, and recorded in texts like the Puranas or the Tantras. In ancient Egypt and Sumer, it was transmitted through various mystical schools. With the arrival of Islam, many of these schools became Sufi brotherhoods. In the West, because of the power associated with this knowledge, various secret societies were founded, keeping it only for a few initiates and limited primarily to those few who were members of the upper echelons.
It was not until the end of the nineteenth century that such information began to transcend the circle of disciples, initiates and followers to become accessible to the remainder of the population.

However, this was not the case in the Andes. As this book reveals, the Inca civilization conveyed such knowledge openly. It was communicated in their myths and legends, in their urban planning, ceremonies and festivals, dances, symbols and emblems, and in the language. It was ‘written’ for everyone to ‘read’ because, by definition, in a culture without a formal writing system, there cannot be illiterate people.

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Manuel bought Mastay, The Alchemy of the Reunion from Chakana
Sep 14, 2018
Great Material, incredible service.
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Sep 04, 2018
Easy to work with, quick to reply.
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Aug 14, 2018
Very deep service.
Iris Betts bought THE ART OF FINDING OURSELVES. from Chakana
Jul 28, 2018
Awesome! Beautifully written with lots of insights! You will love this trade!


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CHAKANA CREATIONS: We are Alejandra and Marc, a couple with complementary skills and abilities, guided by their similar values and vocation. Marc was born in the Catalan Pyrenees, in the land of... the Ceretani, a branch of the Iberians. Alejandra was born in Entre Rios (between rivers), a province in Center-East Argentina. Nowadays, we live: - part time in Australia, in the land of the Gunaikurnai, an aboriginal nation of the Australian South-east; - part time in Argentina, in a land whose ancestors where the Comechingón, an Indigenous tribe of the center-west Argentina - other locations of the world (mainly in the Southern Hemisphere) These three places (Argentina, Australia and Catalonia) constitute three corners of Earth. This tells us that, alongside with the connection to our ancestral lands, we need to extend our arms to embrace as much diversity as possible; perhaps, by living between these locations, we are trying to embrace the whole planet. Marc is a writer, social entrepreneur and ecological economist. As an author, he mainly writes about spirituality and ancient wisdom. Alejandra has a background in education and languages. She is currently embracing the path of social research and publishing. Together, we run CHAKANA CREATIONS, an incubator of projects aiming at: - Helping restore ecological balance, - Build bridges between cultures, and - Prompt the rediscovery of the Self as spiritual collective beings. Our projects reflect our commitment to: - Ecology (field of Renewable, sustainable and clean Energy) and - Indigenous Peoples and inhabitants of rural areas from low income countries (developing proposals to help them walk towards autonomy and empowerment). OUR CURRENT PROJECTS The writings, which can be accessed from: -, a platform where articles written by Marc and by other authors, mainly indigenous people, are published. The platform is an opportunity for authors to communicate their worldview. - "Mastay: The Alchemy of the Reunion"​ and "Incan Anatomy of the Soul"​ , two books which can be obtained from Amazon and other on-line shops on the internet. "Wise Tree Centres"​ They are intended to become a network of centers located in or nearby sacred areas to be run on reciprocity. There, anyone will be able to attend (receive) and hold (give) workshops and activities aligned with our current need for sociocultural and spiritual change. The seedling of the first center is already growing in South-East Australia, in an eco-village called Mt Murrindal, in a valley called W-Tree, where the headquarters of Chakana Creations is located. The seedling of the second Tree Centre is starting to take shape at the foot of Champaqui Mt. in the valley of Traslasierra, located in Córdoba, a western province in Argentina. Intended to become a global network for the distribution of useful technology to the people living in rural areas from low-income countries. The network is based upon three principles: - circular economy, - open data and - social equality. It is to be championed through a non-profit organisation with all the users of the technology as its members. It will be a sort of global users’ cooperative for those in need of such technologies. All our creations are built on the understanding of 7 (seven) relationships that constitute a new set of laws of thought with the potential to harmonize the way we relate to our existence. These relationships are inspired by the indigenous worldview; we believe that it is only when we let ourselves be influenced by their wisdom that we will be able to overcome the current environmental and spiritual crisis. PUBLISHING AND APP/WEB DEVELOPMENT If you are going to assist us in these areas, we need you to have demonstrated professional experience in at least one of the following skills: 1. Graphic design, Artistic drawing and painting (Photoshop, Pixelmator,etc.) and Vector Graphic Editor (InkScape, Adobe Illustrator, etc.), 2. Web animation (Hype 3, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Slider Revolution, etc.), 3D animation (Blender), Video Editing (Adobe Premier, Final Cut, etc.), 3. Book Layout (Adobe InDesign, Scribus, Scrivener, Jutoh, etc.), 4. CMS: WordPress, Joomla and Moodle, 5. Programming and Frameworks (PHP, Python, Django, Angular2+, ReactJS) 6. On-line marketing and SEO and Databases (Postgres). 7. App design (Adobe XD,...)show more

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