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Cindy the Haunted Doll


550 per item

Meet Cindy.
She was my first haunted doll purchase.
She is friendly and quiet and will NEVER harm you or your loved ones.
It's been said that Cindy died from old age - her spirit is 100 years old, if not older.
She is a cloth doll with yarn hair.
I am getting rid of her because my hubby doesn't like my obsession with death and things associated with death.
I have one more doll listed, if interested.
Unfortunately, I have to charge shipping, unlike my other items since she is too big for a package and will need a to be put into a box.

****Shipping must be fully paid before I send to ensure I can pay to ship her.
Shipping must be paid through pay-pal and I can give you my information once you purchase.
Shipping is going to be around $10 USD.****

Processing time

I will ship this item to you within 1-2 weeks

Reviews of Brooke

Ryan received unit of Judge Your...? (Opinions) from Brooke
Feb 23, 2018
Brooke gave me an honest appraisal of some drawings that I did. Sincere, quick responder, and encouraging too!
Ally received package of .JPEG Logo Design from Brooke
Feb 22, 2018
Brooke did up a couple logos for my Mom's new crafting business. Quality work as always.
Anat received Help with favorite song from Brooke
Feb 19, 2018
Thanks Brooke (0;
Danielle bought Cathy Doll - RESERVED FOR DANIELLE from Brooke
Feb 12, 2018
Everything went smoothly and received as expected. I appreciate Brooke holding her for me while I pulled together some extra Simbi. Cathy's eyes are ...very magical looking. I'm excited to get her settled more
Jessi bought Lavender Lip Shimmer / Gloss from Brooke
Feb 09, 2018
Great product, thank you.
Val provided unit of Custom Story for Your Child for Brooke
Feb 07, 2018
Thanks for being a great client!
Jacqule provided visit of 10 best and worst things to say! for Brooke
Feb 05, 2018
I am so thankful that people have an interest in this! It means so much of a differnce in these situations. I am so thankful Brooke cares!
Elle sold Creepy Ikea Poster to Brooke
Feb 05, 2018
Brooke was great to work with. Glad you like it!
Joy left review for Brooke
Feb 04, 2018
Hope Brooke gets better.
Azazel received unit of Drawing from a 6 Year Old from Brooke
Jan 31, 2018
The artwork provided to me what very nice, I wanted to say thank you again so much Brooke for this art piece. I love kid's when they draw! If you love... kids this is the service for you 10/10. show more


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Brooke B.
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Brooke B.

About Brooke Bradford

Hello! I'm Brooke. I am 27 years old, born and raised in Northern California. I love where I live because it's out where there is barely any crime and it’s a safe place to raise my kids. I am a mom to two young boys. I am engaged to a wonderful man who has been by my side every day for the past 5 years. I love being crafty, learning, and trying new things. My hobbies are arts & crafts, writing and creating music, and shopping. I don't read books, but I love watching horror films, family/animated movies, and comedies. I love music - rap, rock, metal, dubstep, trap, and more. And I enjoy playing video games like Sims, GTA, COD and random ones I find online. I love to cook and eat, and love coffee. I love food, so it’s not possible to pick just one, but I love the banana pudding that my grandma made back when she was alive, banana bread, Chinese food, tacos, pizza and Caesar salads! I am obsessed with giraffes. Giraffes are just cool to me. I like their long necks and their patterns and that they barely sleep (just like a mom! lol) I've never been on vacation, per se, but I would love to take my kids to Disneyland one day or Universal Studios. Or take myself and my boyfriend to the Bahamas and sip on frozen and flavored margaritas. My dreams are to become a successful musician or music producer one day, to own my own home, and to be a great parent and support system for my children. I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression and Agoraphobia, amongst other things. I like all colors besides brown and orange. I am allergic to insect bites and stings and pet dander. I love trading and bartering. A lot of my services claim I would rather trade simbi's, but if you have a service you think I would like, I will consider trading services more

Open to other proposals
Brooke Bradford is looking for:
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