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Healing IBS/IBD Gut Pain Naturally


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I'm a researcher/analyst by training, and have worked in management consulting and think tanks. However, a number of years ago, I fell seriously ill with what was diagnosed as IBD - or leaky gut, gut dysbiosis - the same spectrum of IBD as Crohn's/Colitis, with a few nasty pathogens. A number of friends have been diagnosed with the same. Collectively we've seen some of the top specialists in the field, read countless books/studies/reports, and spent significant money for tests and treatments all across the traditional and alt. medicine spectrum.

Long story short - we started to get better by following the recommended regimen from some of the top specialists.. although recently a few of us have made _major_ progress (i.e. almost to a complete cure) with one program in particular. The doctor that oversees this regimen has a 99% cure rate for patients that complete the program! Though I still wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't living proof.

Most importantly: I don't think any counsel can replace that of a certified specialist! But I'd love to share what I've learned - patient-to-patient. I've seen some easy treatments work for friends who were recently diagnosed. As many of the top docs recommend - the first port-of-call is usually an elimination diet. In a recent controlled study involving 93 IBD/Crohn's patients, 84% achieved remission after two weeks on an elimination diet. We can cover the most widely-used elim. diet as well. :)
However, I also know of the necessity for more intensive treatments for those, like myself, with more compound & chronic conditions. Hence, my counsel is not a one-size-fits all approach - but more of an honest analysis of the pros & cons of the top recommended regimens -
including the experts in gut health: Drs. Pimentel, Graham, Klein, McDougall, Siebecker, Greger, Kresser, Myers, Axe, and Hyman. All of whom more or less fall intro three camps regarding treatment.

At the request of many friends, I started to put together a dossier and advisory note to distill ALL of the best information we've gleaned on the top doctors, tests, and treatments. It's saved my life - and I'd love for it to help more people. :) Specifically, we can cover:

* Gut/autoimmune disease, gluten and food sensitivity, chronic constipation or diarrhea. Including an analysis of the best diets in the field (latest studies, patient testimonies, etc.) on: FODMAPS, AIP, GAPS, SCD, Paleo, and the Elemental Diet (also including the vegan raw/juicing diet).

* Testing and treatment for all pathogen overgrowth, including: parasites, fungal (candida, yeast) overgrowth, intestinal inflammation, dysbiosis and a deficiency of beneficial gut bacteria.

* Bacterial infections (h-pylori, SIBO - small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, etc.) - including the Celiac / SIBO connection. We can also discuss the good bacteria (increasing healthy gut flora/fauna), probiotics! Specifically, covering the most potent, bio-available probiotics on the market, safe enough for leaky gut patients, and those prebiotic-intolerant.

* Associated IBS/IBD diseases, including: dyspepsia, gastritis, GERD, gallstones, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS), and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Finally, although I have not been diagnosed with Lyme, many close friends have, even making a full recovery. I'm happy to share their resources and advice, when appropriate.

* Heavy metal toxicity - including the best lab and treatment in the US. IF mercury poisoning is an issue, doctors first request patients to remove any/all mercury amalgams. I can also review the best bio-dentistry practices in the US/abroad for safely removing the amalgams, without risking additional exposure.

* Testing and treatment for methylation and mold overgrowth/biotoxin illness.

My main motivation in offering this to the community is to hopefully circumvent anyone from suffering another day, needlessly.
A full cure is possible - even for the most difficult/chronic cases!

Happy to answer any questions. Also - at minimum this would take a 30 minute phone call/session along with a follow-up email. For more in-depth sessions, we can go up from there.

To good health!

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Reviews of Brigid

Mike received Help with Tiny House Living from Brigid
Sep 28, 2016
Brigid is super nice. Pleasure to talk to
Forest provided Hour of Theraputic Msssage for Brigid
Jul 28, 2016
Brigid was great to work with. She was really responsive when setting up a time to meet. She was fun to talk to, we ended up just hanging out and ta...lking after our more
KJ received Help with 30 min user interview for Simbi from Brigid
Jul 24, 2016
Brigid is a delightful, compassionate soul. I feel so fortunate to have "met" her, if only by phone. Do not hesitate to work with her -- she is intelligent and giving. Thank you, Brigid! show more
Hann received Help with Thai, Indian, or Vegan Cooking from Brigid
Jul 21, 2016
Brigid is wonderful! She went through the trouble of driving and dropping off some tasty vegan food for me. Can't wait to eat it and do more deals! :)... <3show more
Zoltan received Help with Guided meditation from Brigid
Jul 13, 2016
Brigid is very clear and knowledgeable about the the meditation guidance she offers. Great learning from her and I look forward to working more with ...her in the future!!!show more
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