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2 hour Revenue Growth Coaching


50 simbi per package - Virtual OK

As your coach, I will help you to create strategies and implement tactics that will help you to increase your companies revenue.

Simple 5 Step Process:

1. I will send to you a questionnaire
2. You can return to me your answers
3. I will conduct research based on your answers
4. I will give to you a written report that includes strategies, tactics, recommendations, and ideas
5. We can finalize with a skype call, google call, etc. for Q&A

Training & Qualifications

Every action I take is a deliberate attempt to maximize customer lifetime value, increase the price of subscriptions or products, reduce churn/attrition, organically stimulate up-selling and cross-selling, and encourage repeat purchases. I do this by injecting value into the customer’s lifecycle to ensure the customer experience is reliable, repeatable, scalable and has so much value, the customer’s only obvious choice is to shout from the roof tops (social media) about how fantastic your company truly is.

I run a coaching business at, check out the testimonials!

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Brian

Amanda provided Help with One question for a branding expert for Brian
May 22, 2017
Very polite and easy to work with!
Tiana provided Hour of Personable Instant Friend for Brian
Apr 25, 2017
Very nice guy!
Azure Tyler
Azure received Session of 2 hour Career Coaching from Brian
Apr 22, 2017
Brian is doing wonderful things for the Simbi community.
Heather provided Unit of Virtual friendship for Brian
Apr 19, 2017
Brian is a very nice guy and I look forward to getting to know him better as friends. :)
Cynthia provided Unit of Email from an Animal for Brian
Apr 14, 2017
He patiently (one might even say, regally) waited for his lion email.
Sarah provided Session of Make A Friend for Brian
Apr 10, 2017
I truly enjoy the Conversations I've had with Brian thus far! It's hard to meet genuine people these days and I'm both thankful and lucky for the oppo...rtunity to cross paths!show more
Ruby left review for Brian
Apr 06, 2017
Brian is delightful. If I have a future need, I will return.
Azure Tyler
Azure provided Session of I'll be your friend :) for Brian
Apr 05, 2017
Sara received Unit of Resume Review from Brian
Apr 04, 2017
Brian was great! He gave me practical feedback that I can use to refine my resume. As well as actual examples to expand upon his suggestions. Thank yo...u Brian!show more
Autumn received Unit of Resume Review from Brian
Apr 03, 2017
Brian was wonderful and provided us with some great feedback on my boyfriend's resume!


Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

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The simple truth, helping others is my passion! Getting help in return is just a bonus.

Friend for a day

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The simple truth, helping others is my passion! Getting help in return is just a bonus.

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The simple truth, helping others is my passion! Getting help in return is just a bonus.

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The simple truth, helping others is my passion! Getting help in return is just a bonus.
Brian is requesting
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The simple truth, helping others is my passion! Getting help in return is just a bonus.

About Brian Weiss

The year was 2015, I was earning a very good wage working for a software company at the Director level but I wasn’t happy or satisfied. It was then I decided to do some professional introspection that... ultimately leads to me leaving a job where I worked too many hours and was constantly sacrificing my integrity and health for the all mighty dollar. My introspection began with me asking one simple question, “What is it I am most passionate about in my professional life?” I broke down my life into smaller blocks for analysis: Years 18-20 – Adulthood began and I my earnings were zero but rather I worked for room and board. I lived and worked with my high school sweetheart and her mother. I worked like a dog with the majority of the work in areas I’d never contemplated let alone performed. Years 20-25 – I proudly served in the United States Army and married my high school sweetheart. The military work was tedious, dangerous, and downright painful at times, but as I look to this era, these were some of my best years. There was comradery, leadership, constant training, and learning. I earned $9,950 that first year (well below poverty level) in the military while my wife was a stay at home mother. Towards the later years, I invested in real estate and taught others to as well. I obtained my real estate license and helped others to buy and sell real estate. I also became a father of two wonderful children Brian and Logan. 26-36 – I worked mostly in roles where I was directly or indirectly responsible for serving customers and employees e.g. Customer Service Manager. As we all know, customer service personnel can be treated very poorly and I was! I took solace in helping my customers to the best of my ability but also having hundreds of employees reporting directly to me allowed me to become a leader, trainer, mentor, and teacher. At this stage, I dreamed of becoming a teacher but with a lack of any formal education past the Jr. High, I just kept on dreaming. I did however, do a short stint teaching English to Spanish speakers at the local community hall. During this time, my daughter Katlyn was born. 37-43 – Right about this age is when my two oldest arrived at the ages when they seem to need me less and my work needed me more. I was earning excellent salaries, great benefits and was at the executive level, I’ve arrived! I worked my fingers to the bone, alienated most of my friends and family and became a bonafide workaholic. Also, during this time, I switched from Customer Service specific roles to Customer Success. Notice it still deals with serving customers but has more responsibility to the entire customer lifecycle. With all these years of knowledge, I was on the inside of several excellent and not so excellent companies. I saw how they ran operations, the entire good, bad, and ugly! With direct responsibility of literally thousands of employees, I became adept at helping others be better versions of themselves by mentoring them in their professional as well as personal lives. With all of this introspection, there are obvious patterns. This is what I learned: I’ve always held positions of leadership Helping others make money was fun I seek to be selfless Helping, teaching, training others makes me happy Family means the world to me The simple truth, helping others is my passion!!!show more

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