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I can help with understanding what would be an optimal strategy for you to adopt in a certain social situation, or at least clarify your available options. The articular approach I'm using spans across all fields of social dynamics (family, dating, business, social media etc.) because it goes one step deeper, dealing with FUNCTIONS rather then forms. The methodology is the result of pulling information across the multiple domains that are covered in Training & Qualifications bellow. I provide point A to point B solutions, and I prefer to work with efficient communicators in tokens of information of 200 words or less, exchanged by email, right here on simbi!

It"s simple:
1. Send me a question/situation. If I decide I can help you and take it, you would pay me 2s and I'll consult for you.
2. I reply. If you don't like the answer I will pay you 1s back. You lost 1s BUT you at least found out my answer, so now you can decide about the efficiency of my skills regarding your specifics, and if you want to continue or not.
3. If you like my answers we can continue in the same manner, pay-as-you-go.

DETAILS: Your email would describe your dilemma, and your system of values/perspective (in 200 words or less - about half page). If I decide to take it, I'll email you back. This exchange is one token of communication (TOC). If you find my expertise unsatisfying to your needs we can still continue moving to another line of inquiry, or stop. My goal is provide a value added interaction dynamic so that we can map the terrain together, in small 'digestible' increments, in around 10 TOC exchanges.

The bottom line regarding social interactions strategies and principles; in the light of the new paradigms discovered through Behavioral Evolution and Neuroscience; I will be able to present to you a number of counter-intuitive insights into what the nature of dynamic actually is and possibly recommend additional strategic choices and discuss implementation.

As a final note, I would like to say most problems are frustrating only when we don't understand their nature. If we do understand what is essentially wrong, even if we don't have a solution just yet, much of the pressure and stress are gone, because our focus has shifted towards resolution. This has a snowball effect over body, mind and emotions.

I would like you to encourage you to wake up every morning asking a wondrous WHY and going to bed at night after finding a reassuring HOW!

Best Wishes,

Andy N

Please use the Comment Wall bellow, ask questions, freely to post your opinions, network with other clients, give and receive feedback etc.

Training & Qualifications

Anthropology, Evolutionary Biology, Behavioral Evolution, Neurosciences, Game Theory (the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers), Emergence and Complexity. I consulted on this type of matters for various corporations, most notably McKinesy and Co.

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Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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About Andy Nastase

I am often asked whether I am primarily a scientist or a healer. The answer is: both. Science is only the frame work, the roots from where intuition flows to meet actualization. Intuition guides us t...owards attainable and science gives us the tools to make it sustainable. I'm 50 years old, retired and I would like the share the realization that age brings about: the importance of reducing unnecessary mental stress, just by using simple mental hygiene and the snowball effect it has on one's overall wellness and healthy ego integration, in a manner that is socially stable. Overall I would say it's best to learn from one another because everyone has at least one unique talent that can literally change the world in one swift moment of inspiration. Faith is the unshakable conviction things and situations can change in one instant. I wish you the most wonderful gifts in life and nothing less! Andyshow more

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