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Meditation Practice Consultation


30 per session - Virtual OK

How is your meditation practice going? Do you struggle to make time, stay awake, or enjoy your quiet time?

Meditation is the practice of coming back to the present. It doesn't need to be forced or painful!

I have been meditating for a decade. I have practiced with S. N. Goenka's tradition and became a monk in Thailand. The Thai Forest Tradition is rich with stories and practices.

Perhaps you are curious to know what being a monk is like, and how you can live a contemplative life without withdrawing from society?

Bring your questions and check in with a wise friend. Let's meet over Facetime, Skype or Zoom. Sessions are 30 - 45 minutes.

Training & Qualifications

The paradigm or worldview I grew up with never worked for me. The culture failed to see and nurture my sensitivity and potential. Attempts at self-expression and advocating for myself were punished. I was shut-down, and quickly learned it was safer to shut myself down rather than be forced to do so. I looked around to find my own country waging war after war, a government that lies, and a society that rewards the masculine warrior, the hardened go-getter. I knew something was wrong, and anger built inside, but no one had taught me how to handle anger, so I shut that down too.

The innate potential inside of me grew stronger, and the building life-force energy pushed against societal norms, like a shoot from an acorn pushing against a cement sidewalk. Many internal structures, beliefs about myself and the world, cracked before I was strong enough to break through the sidewalk. I grew taller, stronger, expressing myself as a tree in a world designed for cars.

I graduated Pomona College, a little academic resort in Southern California, with a major in psychology. I spent much of my time in college practicing spirituality, studying Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and various types of meditation. Psychology interested me because it was focused on a very practical question: how does one reduce stress and suffering, and live a happy, meaningful life? After graduating college I wanted to develop myself, to become a more ideally peaceful and loving person, and had found meditation extremely effective at facilitating personal growth. So I lived in Buddhist monasteries, meditating and living as part of a spiritual community.

In 2013 I was taking on rather severe practices: fasting for days, sleeping little, talking little, and meditating most of the day and night. I began to experience strong kundalini energy running through my body. I could sensitively feel my body like never before, which included strong experiences of anger and pain, as well as powerful feelings of pleasure and love. A soft comforting murmur of chanting accompanied me for a week, as I began to get in touch with psychic levels of awareness. A whole series of strange experiences occurred, which all make for great story telling, but in summary this event profoundly shifted my sense of self.

This event, sometimes called a kundalini awakening, made me aware that there are more subtle, psychic levels of reality than I had previously known. Additionally, parts of myself that were suppressed came to the surface to be integrated. Archetypal themes for my life came into view. The value of this experience was incredible, and some cultures include vision questing as an important element in personal development for this very reason. Our own culture usually calls them dangerous psychotic breaks and prescribes medications to shut down these non-ordinary states of consciousness. There is certainly danger involved, but mainstream medicine's view of psychosis still has lots of room for growth.

I ordained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand where I continued to formulate my understanding of self and world. I learned Thai and as much as possible integrated into Thai culture and society. I read widely during this time, encountering the works of hypnotists such as Dolores Cannon, Brian Weiss and Michael Newton for the first time. After a year and a half I decided to return to my cultural home, America, to seek avenues of service, deeper intimate connections, and pursue more intellectual endeavors. I decided to formally study hypnotherapy and was accepted by the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, CA where I completed a 225 hour course learning the specifics of therapy: emotional clearing, child rescue, past life regression, somatic healing, conference room therapy, and how to treat specific issues such as addiction.

Learning hypnotherapy techniques was incredibly exciting for me, because I felt they addressed areas where traditional psychotherapy failed to be effective. Hypnotherapy taps into the wisdom and power of more subtle areas of consciousness usually addressed only in spiritual or religious contexts. For example, it offers techniques of visiting the past imaginatively, bringing along more inner resources than were available in the past, that are surprisingly effective at healing childhood trauma. I hope that these revolutionary techniques will also soon be adopted by more mainstream psychologists and psychiatrists. I experienced the healing benefits of hypnotherapy myself, and naturally took to the role of therapist. Every evening I would invite a fellow student to receive a session from me so I could solidify my understanding of the material and quickly gain real experience.

I continued to seek further training in hypnotherapy at the Institute for Therapeutic Learning where I completed a 150 hour course and received a certification in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and NLP. Additionally, I have completed one and a half years of a three year program at the Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy in Core Energetics, a modality that focuses on the role of the body in healing. A unique theory of child development originally developed by Wilhelm Reich provides a useful frame for healing past trauma and guides therapeutic intervention over the course of therapy.

My own path is unique, and the way that I have found to live in the world is not what will work for everyone. I am not preaching or prescribing anything other than self-discovery. But my path does chart a course from an old to a new paradigm that is applicable more broadly. Our current ways of ecological and economic exploitation are not sustainable, and are in fact incredibly painful. We need a new way of being, both personally and collectively.

Availability & Preferences

Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm PCT

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Alex

Ian provided unit of A Hallucination of Your Soul for Alex
Aug 22, 2019
Alex has a beautiful soul.
Selena provided session of Personal Spirit Guide Channeling for Alex
May 08, 2019
Alex was wonderful to work with. Highly recommended!
Jen provided unit of Second-Set-of-Eyes Proofreading for Alex
Sep 08, 2018
Concise, direct, and easy to work with. Wishing Alex all the best with his website (and be sure to send me the link, would be happy to share with my n...etwork)! show more
Ioana received package of Photo Shoot / Headshots from Alex
Sep 07, 2018
It is always great to work with Alex.
Barbara received package of Photo Shoot / Headshots from Alex
Sep 05, 2018
Thanks for super photos and editing!
Barbara received package of Photo Shoot / Headshots from Alex
Sep 05, 2018
Alex is a gem to work with - flexible and prompt in delivering service. I got some great photos for my business. I'd love to work with him again.
Kim provided session of Financial Review for Millennials for Alex
Aug 17, 2018
Alex is super chill and seems well-rounded as a person. We had a comfortable conversation with good questions and interesting outcomes - I'm glad we g...ot to discuss investing and that you got some value from it!show more
Rashmi received package of Photo Shoot / Headshots from Alex
Jul 01, 2018
Alex's photo editing skills are superb along with a quick turnaround. It was the best photographer experience for me in all the events I have ever hos...ted. I would highly recommend. show more
Rashmi received package of Photo Shoot / Headshots from Alex
Jun 30, 2018
Alex is a great photographer! He is patient, friendly and detailed. I would recommend him to everyone in need of pictures.
Christina provided session of 45-min Clairvoyant Counseling for Alex
Jun 07, 2018
Alex is an amazing (and funny) soul. It was my pleasure to work with him.


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About Alex Garver

I am a human being with a big heart. I am a avid researcher of the human psyche and mysteries of the universe. I may never figure it out, but I enjoy being humbled and amazed by life and the universe.... I enjoy intimacy, physical touch, embodiment exercises, healing modalities, plant spirit medicine, and all things esoteric. I resonate with the archetype of the wounded healer. I remember sitting under a tree in college breathing in the pain of the world: so many wars, abused kids, and tragedies of all varieties. “What kind of world do we live in?” my heart cried. I had been inducted into this culture and adopted its norms, lest I fail or be punished— but at what cost? I felt isolated. I wanted to live with an open heart, but had unconsciously locked it down instead. I searched from tradition to teacher to training, hoping to find a new way of being. At first I searched the heavens, where they said happiness was. I meditated, hoping to find bliss. During my first seven-day meditation retreat, I cried tears of frustration because I couldn’t concentrate like I imagined that I should. Ironically (or not) the five minutes that were the most peaceful were also the most painful. While my mind was surprisingly calm, my back was burning with more pain than I’d ever tolerated. I allowed the pain, and then I felt more peaceful. I had found a key principle of healing, but did not yet understand it fully. After the retreat I had grown in wisdom, and had changed in some inarticulable way. I wanted more, and so I decided to prioritize meditation in my life. I remember sitting through a ten-day meditation retreat feeling such intense pain in my body that I would start to pass out. It was as if my subconscious was activating any defense mechanism it could, just to avoid the pain. I asked the teacher what to do. “Stay equanimous,” she said. There was no lesson taught about healthy posture, no physical exercise, no emotional processing, and no chats about how these meditation sits affected my greater life. Today I value an integrated approach to healing that addresses multiple levels because I know the unnecessary difficulties that come when working with only one. At one point I was living in a spiritually-oriented community which believed that greed, anger, and delusion caused the needless pain in our lives and in the world. There was a tendency to blame society and parts of ourselves, and separate from them as a result. The rules at this monastery were very rigid, and we were encouraged to cut off our natural impulses and emotions. Ultimately though, the force of life flowing through me, with all its flavors of sexual desire, anger, sadness, and joy, was far too powerful to be held back. Although I tended to suppress things at that time, that’s not what meditation is about. The gift of meditation is about staying present in the body, witnessing, and allowing. There is no need to judge or suppress what arises. It is as though we sit in a house and welcome each new thought or emotion. We ask, “And who has come for tea today?” Once I allowed energy to flow more freely in my body, instead of blocking it with judgment, I had to navigate the tricky territory of discerning when it was helpful and safe to express my emotions. Our culture is not exactly welcoming of our full range of feelings. When I received negative feedback from others or feared that I would, I would shut down and try to control my emotions. Like a pendulum going from one side to the other, it took some time to find my own balance point as I practiced allowing my feelings without having to suppress or express them. I learned that flexibility was key. Sometimes it made sense to suppress my emotions for a short time until I found a safe place to feel or express them. My religion flipped on its head: instead of trying to leave the Earth plane, I longed to become fully embodied. I was tired of being numb and alone. I wanted to feel and embrace both the pains and joys of being human. I wanted to unlock the core of my being, literally and metaphorically. It had been frozen by personal and collective fear for too long. Bringing loving awareness to each part of my body brought warmth that melted the armor of my heart. My ligaments and muscles loosened as the pain dissolved. As my physical structures regained flexibility, so was my emotional life rejuvenated. The bandwidth of my emotional experience broadened, and I was able to feel more deeply. show more

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