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How to fall in luve with life.


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I will be an imperfectly perfect mirror for you. This for me is what I call friendship. I am personally on a voyage to bring the full potential of our love to humanity. I will do this through various modalities that encourage the creativity that is growth of our conscious. I have many ideas and am working on many projects(tech company, theosophy, and retreat center for the consciously challenged) on how to do this for large groups of people, or the world as a whole. But, as we all may or may not know; you can't luve the all until you luve the one. I am here to help us start with luving you and luving me.

Training & Qualifications

I come to you by way of a pretty wide path, I'd be lying to you if I told you I was at the top of my cohort in all my pursuits of academia. My class mates would have probably told you I was too smart for my own good, lazy and at times, kind of a egoic asshole. They would also tell you, that like me or not, they respected how real I was with them.

The best compliment I ever got was that I was the most changing person they have ever known. To this day, my passion carries a torch, and at times, just a spark to keep that fire alive. My reason and passion have wagged war of flinging stoic sayings to poetic proses' back and forth for more years than I can remember. My curiosity and ambition have far outweighed my resources, fortunately, my opportunities and relationships have always manifested in me the best potential to give back to you.

My grammatical ability does not mirror the curiously creative spirit that has been sent here for you, from you. I've been a sun, a star, a wave dusted by the pacific-north west breeze, a student, a christian, wiped my wifes ass, a fast food worker, I've been a particle, addicted to video games, I've considered male prostitution, been a visionary, and a drug dealer. I’m a husband, a soldier, a buddhist, a wanna be cop, stay-at-home dad, a puritan, an asshole, and existentialist. I've pushed people to the edge, been fired, I've talk another off, contemplated suicide, I've been obese, been published, suffered depression, an atheist, wanna be shaman-psycho-spiritual-dharma teacher, unemployed, a father, I've pulled the razor blade out of a kids arm, I've had aspirations to be a professional athlete, I've worked for and with the two most powerful organizations in the world, been a futurist, a conformist, been a day trader, dirt poor and hood rich, a survivalist, and I’ve been a revolutionist.

I've been the buddha, krishna, and god, sometimes in one evening. I've been an ego, I've been aware and I have been enlightened. I've been the most supreme versions of you and the worst versions of me. I've spent decades trying to find the essence of love and for giveness, I've spent the first half of my life trying to find just this moment and these words to say here, now. I've been all these things so that I could be here now, with no greater qualification than my full love and acceptance of life. For the first time, I want to say, I am here now with you and for you. I will spend the next half of this life in pursuit of this present moment, sharing my creativity and utility of the next half of this life time, with you.

Availability & Preferences

When you are one with the universe, you don't need to worry about the specifics because they are always available.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Aaron

Miranda provided Help with Humane way of being for Aaron
Nov 18, 2016
Aaron went in depth to help teach me to change myself and the world in a positive way!
Angelica received Unit of The perfect words to say... from Aaron
Aug 01, 2016
Aaron is pretty laid back and funny! He helped me write an intro to a conversation for a story idea so well, that I literally had no words to reply! (...In a good way!) I'm going to reach out to him because it seems he has the words for any given situation =)show more
Austin received Help with Short Simbi Survey from Aaron
Jul 22, 2016
Aaron provided invaluable feedback regarding his Simbi experience and how we can continue to add new features to improve the site.
Shannon provided Unit of Resume Writing for Aaron
Jul 14, 2016
Aaron was accommodating when I needed to extend my deadline, and an absolute pleasure to trade with!
Robert provided Help with I need some answers for Aaron
Jul 07, 2016
Aaron *is* great, we're continuing our conversation periodically.
Christylee provided Help with The greatest gift for Aaron
Jul 05, 2016
Great way to have me vocalize how I believe, which required retrospective articulation on prior beliefs.
Isaac received Session of Just say it. from Aaron
Jun 26, 2016
Our conversation brought up some good points to think about.
Erin provided Help with I need some answers for Aaron
Jun 24, 2016
Aaron is a thoughtful indibividual.
Chris provided Help with I need some answers for Aaron
Jun 06, 2016
Aaron asked some great, deep, piercing questions that I thoroughly enjoyed answering. I'd be happy to answer any other questions he has. It's always f...un contemplating about the current state of affairs and how we can improve our quality of life. I'm glad Aaron is seeking the answers to these difficult questions. show more
Albert provided Help with I need some answers for Aaron
Jun 05, 2016
Aaron has interesting questions and good followup questions as well! I enjoyed the moments of introspection that he inspired.


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About Aaron MacIntyre

My creativity and inspiration will chase this present moment to the sunset of eternity. The rest is to be, shared. Get busy living, or get busy dying. I am a psychonaut-creative-writer-tech tas...ker-futurist cut from the past, sent to save this present moment from the surplus of suffering the propaganda of economy would have us believe is reality. Most importantly, I am a dude connected in a universal way to my amazing daughter and wife. The experience of creating my own family, along with exploring awe and wonder have supported the growth of a more humane way of being. A way of being that puts the meaning of all, in all of meaning. We are looking to set up a community of mindful/positive contributors. Maybe you believe the collective micro expressions of luve, experiences of awe, wonder and enlightenment can support the transcendence of the macro delusions- separation and exclusion. Get busy living or get busy dying. show more

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